Journey from Traditional Marketing to Digital Marketing

A Progressive Journey from Traditional Marketing to Digital Media Marketing

There are people who are still using traditional marketing tactics, that indeed won’t result in anything but failure! Right now, everyone is going digital and with this fast-going pace, we can come up with digital marketing strategies that will not only help in escalating the business but bring in leads organically.

Traditional marketing doesn’t really mean that it’s old-fashioned, or people are still using obsolete tips and tricks that don’t help in growing the business. The most important thing in digital marketing is to make the business grow and step out of the sphere of old marketing tactics.

For your ease, we will first discuss what traditional marketing is to know how it was done before, and further on. By the same token, digital marketing is also very important because nowadays, companies are moving forward with expertise, and want to meet the target within a shorter span of time.

Anyhow, let’s first know about traditional marketing tactics, furthermore, we will discuss digital marketing in detail for you.

Let’s get started.

What is Traditional Marketing? Why is it not used nowadays?

A long time ago, when social media and other platforms were taking part in the digital sphere, marketers were less aware of these platforms. They used to consider marketing very simple, and never realize the importance of digitization in the tech world.

When there was no digital marketing in the industry, people used to assume marketing will be done through simple ways where you can connect with the audience on a single page and market your services through pamphlets.

Moreover, using brand awareness strategies where you initially have to send the details to the client wisely, and be in touch with them to get the status of the details.

However, it was a time taking process and people were feeling bored doing the same thing again and again. Due to this, they were quite ambiguous and there was no tracking of the client’s responses.

Due to all these issues, people shifted towards digital marketing tactics where they can make their marketing department flourish, and stand out from the competition.

Here are some of the most common channels of traditional marketing;

  1. Broadcasting
  2. Direct Mail
  3. Billboards
  4. Telemarketing
  5. Window display

What’s the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing? A Quick Insight

The major difference between digital and traditional marketing is the way and medium through which you’re connecting with the customers to market your product and services.

Traditional marketing rotates all around magazines, newspapers, and other assets which are now considered obsolete. However, digital marketing utilizes digital mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms for better throughput.

In this way, you can utilize digital marketing as the new canvas of success for entrepreneurs, and leaders who want their businesses to grow and reach top-notch areas of success. Digital marketing uses all the recent technologies and focuses on covering the touch points where the audience is available mostly.

You can use the Internet in many ways, and if you’re a person who has a wide spectrum then, people will definitely visit your social platforms to see how you’ve marketed yourself. You can cleverly use these platforms, and put forward your thoughts to showcase a better version of yourself!

Traditional Marketing - Pros & Cons

In the last few years, there is a quick rise in social media platforms, and traditional marketing has once again become less known. However, still there are marketing agencies who are using traditional marketing as a core way to connect with the audience and share their information.

In fact, they have the desired budget for all the activities, like magazines, prime TV, newspaper, and billboards.

In this section, we will learn about the ways through which you can make a wise decision between traditional marketing.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

In this section, we will learn about the key advantages of choosing traditional marketing as a core practice for any domain;

  1. It’s impactful because most people are still known for the traditional marketing practices, which is why it’s easier to market as compared to any other thing.
  2. Traditional marketing is permanent, you don’t have to change or do any tweaks because it’s an old way of marketing and people are doing it extensively. It has memories attached to it; people love to do this as it can be done easily and doesn’t require strategic thinking like any other marketing domain.
  3. Traditional marketing outcomes are very easy to digest, and anyone can understand them quickly regardless of which age group they are belonging.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

In this section, we will learn about the key disadvantages of choosing traditional marketing as a core practice for any domain;

  1. There is no tracking in traditional marketing, no matter how much money you’re investing in the campaign, or any billboard advertisement it’s not up to the mark.
  2. You can never maintain a database of what’s happening in traditional marketing.
  3. Traditional marketing and advertising are very expensive. You have to invest lots of money in every single thing you plan on a traditional marketing canvas. You have no direct interaction with your target audience in traditional marketing because there is no way to get the feedback regardless if you talk to them, and connect with them directly home to home.
  4. Adults and youngsters who’re the youth of the country are more inclined toward the phones and rarely check anything in the newspaper, or even on the television. That is why it's important to connect with them on the same page and utilize the digital forums.

We hope now you are clear about traditional marketing along with its pros, and cons. However, if you wish to proceed further then, get started with the digital marketing pros and cons.

Digital Marketing - Pros & Cons

Everything is going digital now, and it’s important to create an impactful appearance on the search engine, because most of the time, people don’t really get an idea of what they’re missing by focusing on something less important.

According to different platforms, Internet users are more likely to spend time on the search engine, making the total ratio reach a whopping 95% of the total population. That’s indeed a mind-blowing fact because people now are more into the digital world, and want everything on their palms rather than spending time searching manually.

Here are some of the most common mediums or channels of digital marketing;

  1. Social media platforms
  2. Website
  3. Content marketing
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Inbound Marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. PPC (pay per click

Anyhow, let’s now get started with the detailed discussion of pros related to digital marketing;

  1. With the wide range of social media platforms, you can see what your audience is saying about your business, and what your weak points might create a fuss in your core offerings. Contrary to this, if your marketing strategies result in more likes, shares, and comments then, assume that you are doing the right thing.
  2. With digital marketing, you can maintain tracking of your strategies like for instance if you’re handling a service page and want to see how many people landed on it then, Google Analytics is by far the most convenient thing possible to deal with. You can maintain tracking like who commented, and how you can reach those to sell your products which were impossible in traditional marketing.
  3. You can easily connect with people, especially youth who are true users because they always have phones in their hands, and you can see how your services or ads are appearing on their phones. You can tailor-made campaigns based on your consumers, and then see where you stand as a brand.

As we are now clear with the advantages of digital marketing, then, we’re very much near to the disadvantages of the domain as well. Let’s get started;

  1. Continuous targeting is another kind of marketing that makes the users go frustrated. For instance, suppose you’re going through the digital platforms and suddenly after a few minutes you see some paid ads, you swipe it off but again after a few clicks you see it again. This will make you go frustrated and your overall impression will get disbursed. It’s always advised to not show too many ads on the client’s platform which can worsen the condition. Let things flow smoothly and naturally.
  2. You all must know about Google Ads, Social media paid marketing, and ppc which somehow is used by almost every marketer to share insights with the clients, and make them pursue your services. However, if the visitors keep on switching to other pages, your ad will also go unnoticed and will result in zero outcomes. This is the way by which your invested money can be wasted and people actually face such issues at the start of their professional marketing career.
  3. Unless you are a pro in digital marketing and have experience in running different platforms like social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Google, ad accounts, and other platforms it’s not possible for you to take the lead and handle all of the issues single-handedly. A noob person who doesn’t have enough experience will waste the money invested in the ads, and then the fear of failure will be there which will make them refrain from investing again in the future.


You got the questions, we have the answers to almost all the questions. If you’re more towards learning the mostly asked questions related to traditional vs digital marketing this section is the best for you!

1. Which one is better, traditional marketing or digital marketing?

Both of them are very important but with their own pros and cons. There was a time when people were more into traditional marketing, and there was no choice but to choose it as a core. However, later on, digital marketing caught a boom in the marketing world, and now everyone is running after it for a smooth process and fast results. People are now seeing vibrant results after applying digital marketing strategies, and this is all because of the quick strategies that help businesses to grow and flourish in their own way.

2. Why is digital harder than traditional marketing?

Digital marketing is harder than traditional marketing because it requires precision, creative insights, and collaboration to meet the end goals. There are companies who still emphasize digital marketing as a core medium to connect with their clients regardless of how many issues or hurdles they face in the process. Traditional marketing is getting out of the scope with the passage of time, as now companies and individuals are understanding the importance of marketing and how this helps them to flourish and put forward their brand in a seamless manner.

3. Should I focus on digital or traditional marketing?

If you want us to answer honestly, and you’re ready to invest your time and some money into something amazing then, digital marketing is the best one for you! Traditional marketing lacks a lot of things like collaboration with clients, tracking, and instant status update which disturbs the ongoing process. Whereas, digital marketing is way better, or should I say possesses a broader version of marketing where every layer opens up a new opportunity for businesses to connect and collaborate with their target audience.

4. What are the top-tier channels for digital marketing?

Here you go with the top-tier channels of digital marketing necessary for any marketer to focus, implement, and strategize first before making anything go in practical analysis.

  1. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  2. Website
  3. Content marketing
  4. Affiliate marketing
  5. Inbound Marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. PPC (pay per click
  8. SEM (Search engine marketing)

Again, along with these, it’s required to focus on creativity and a different approach that is far away from traditional marketing practices because it will again take you back to 1000 years back when people were talking to each other without any digital forums. However, now, tracking, communication, and feedback analysis are made easier with digital marketing practices and core offerings.

5. Do you need a digital marketer to run your business?

Yes, of course without a digital marketer, or an expert who has years of experience in running the marketing collateral it’s difficult or should I say impossible to handle any digital marketing activity, and in short you would result in nothing but zero-handedness. The experts with their experience will draw strategies that will result in a positive outcome, and you can outgrow yourself and the brand overall.

Final Verdict | Traditional marketing vs Digital marketing

And that’s all for the day. We hope you learned the difference between traditional marketing along with digital marketing and how these two created an impact in the tech world with their collective thinking, working, and revolutionized strategies. It is very important to focus on the brighter side, the side where you can put in all of your strategies, and give your business an instant boost based on strategic thinking.

Now you simply have to make the decision wisely and proceed with any of the ones whether it’s digital marketing or traditional marketing once you select, stick to your decision. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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