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Best Digital Marketing Trends Ruling The World in 2022

Every year there is a new trend emerging in the world, with its importance and benefits. Talking about digital marketing, and its relevant field then, the scenario is entirely different.

Digital marketing is a diverse domain, which rotates around some trends that bestow the world with its impact, and importance. However, being in a marketing agency it’s beneficial for them to look precisely at every digital marketing trend before the time runs out!

Most of us have a misconception that digital marketing is all about SEO however, the domain is way more than SEO and its practices. Digital marketing has brought many exciting changes in the world, bringing our lives towards technology and less dependent on manual working.

It’s easier for us to communicate with each other, and gone is the time when contacting each other was a big task; especially with those who reside outside the region.

In this blog we will shed light on some of the best digital marketing trends, gaining popularity in 2022. Remember, every year there is a new change in the market and some new trends are seen everywhere.

You know, digital marketing is always revolving around changes and making everyone stunned by its changes. Like, in 2021 seo, ppc, and some other techniques were known to be the most common digital marketing trends, but right now, it’s Metaverse or should I say, extended reality.

The world is moving towards extended reality, and it’s all about Metaverse. Anyhow, let’s get started with the discussion disclosing the best digital marketing trends ruling the nation in 2022.

Digital Marketing Trends Evolving In 2022

In this section, we will discuss closely the digital marketing trends making their way out in the industry, and winning the industry with flawless outcomes and results.

1.Metaverse is everywhere

We all know about the fact that Facebook has officially changed its name to Meta. However, people were not ready to accept this change.

It’s all about extended reality (XR), and it’s all related to augmented reality and virtual reality. Moreover, people are moving towards adapting these technologies, because the future is all about Metaverse.

2.NTFS ( Non-fungible Tokens)

One of the growing trends these days is NFTs, and most businesses are investing in them heavily. According to them, NFTs are one of the best digital assets that you can trade with.

Each token has its own value and plays to be a digital asset through which you can trade. NFTs are now owned by millions of people, and it has started penetrating normally in the market.

Free NFTs are offered in raffles, with a brand being the main marketing goal. Many leading franchises are using NFTs in their marketing plans McDonald's, Adidas, Nike, etc.

It’s been said that,

“NFTs are really interesting. Initially, I went, oh, not another one,” says Brian Corish, Experience Architect at Accenture Interactive. “What NFTs do is a sort of signaling. Like, why would you wear a Rolex watch? Well, you're kind of signaling I'm well off, or I'm successful.”

3.Video Marketing

Gone are the days when we were only into content, and using textual context in all the blogs and marketing copies. People are more towards video content these days and love to watch interactive videos with a meaningful end.

These days, people give high preferences to video marketing and that’s why they are creating videos with a proper script to attract the audience and make them learn about their services.

Blogs are indeed important, but video marketing is way more beneficial to captivate the audience with appealing visuals.

4.Affiliate marketing

Businesses were only investing in PPC (pay per click) backed with campaigns that help them generate more leads. However, with affiliate marketing now you can get commissions only with better content and seo strategies.

Almost half of the businesses are now investing in affiliate marketing, whether it be of applications, VPNs, logos, or anything else.

You can now easily generate a huge amount of money only by investing in affiliate marketing, and that’s it. You’re all good to go with the marketing and earn money with a few simple steps.

5.Content marketing

Since content writing is an entirely different job, businesses are now moving towards digitization where the content itself is nothing if there are no keywords embedded in it.

With quality keywords, and high volume you can make your blogs ranked on search engines. Content marketers are now reached heavily these days because people are more concerned with content marketing strategies.

A content marketer will come up with marketing strategies beneficial for the companies and assist them in bringing more leads through organic means.


Next, we have another provoking marketing trend, creating a huge impact on the market. Chatbots are now integrated everywhere, whether it’s a website or anything.

We can now see millions of websites, with live chatbots integrated with the website to give the customers a user-friendly experience.

The chatbot is trained with all the questions, so whenever someone comes in, the chatbot deals properly with all the queries being answered in a proper way.

7.Influencers tend to grow

Influencer marketing is growing a lot these days, people are more towards influencers to market their products and services.

Even if you open Instagram, you will see influencers marketing different products and sharing different reviews.

So, it’s one of the most widely growing digital marketing trends where influencers are being hired by companies to market their products, and services.

Companies hire influencers to market their products and share reviews with their extended audience. It’s all about marketing and engaging the maximum audience for better throughput.

8.Artificial Intelligence

We do have another digital marketing trend, Artificial Intelligence which helps to predict data and let customers know what’s coming for them in the future.

AI will help you with a direct identification of customers’ needs and wants. For a better analysis, it can predict based on the previous customer data.

As a result, AI-based strategies will boost your marketing plans and you can better capture the audience based on their demands and needs.

According to the study of Gartner study, more than 40% of the privacy compliance technology will be used by AI in 2023, with its global spending on privacy reaching a total of $8 billion by the end of 2022.

“Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while, and people are beginning to use it. But I think how it intersects with privacy is going to be really important. How do you gather data, while staying within the bounds of privacy law requirements?” says Ken Fitzpatrick, CEO of the DMI.

9. More Focused on Personalization

Gone are the days, when we used to order and get stuff based on original designs, and patterns. Right now everyone wants customization and prefers companies that are focused on customization.

With customization, we meant the changes in designs with respect to customers’ requirements. You can focus on the customization, and then see, where you stand as a sole provider.

10.TikTok will grow potentially

If we talk about social media, then every year there is a new trend making everyone consider it. Right now, TikTok is the new platform, making it to the skies with millions of users utilizing it every day.

TikTok has caged enormous engagement in the US, making users spend millions of dollars on a single platform, and offering brands different opportunities to market their videos, and photos.

11.YouTube Marketing Will Boost Up

“YouTube is going to explode in terms of investment from advertising in 2022. I feel like it's a sleeping giant, but I think that the move away from linear TV, fragmentation with subscriptions, and streaming services all means that more advertising spend is going to move to YouTube,” says Brendan Almack, Managing Director of Wolfgang Digital.

We already made a prediction that video marketing will be used by everyone to market their services everywhere. You know, there are people who’re into marketing products worldwide however, the real irony is to utilize the platform correctly for marketing purposes.

“The scope for growth or headroom for growth is absolutely huge. It's still super cheap for CPVs and the big brands aren't there, or not doing it really well. This means that everyone can eke out a competitive advantage by having a smart YouTube advertising strategy,” says Almack.


Lastly, we have cryptocurrencies making it to the top, with people investing heavily and gaining profits in return.

Previously, when cryptocurrencies were introduced people were confused about what to do, and how they can purchase a currency that isn’t tangible.

But, technology making it to the point where people are now investing in cryptocurrencies, and bitcoin with a huge expectation of profit.

The market is increasing every other day, people are gaining a lot of profit after investing in crypto.

Wrapping Up | Digital Marketing Trends Ruling In 2022

And we’re done for the day! I hope you all enjoyed reading about some of the most provoking marketing trends taking a great lead in the current era. However, the remote is still in your hands. There will be new trends every other day, but the irony is to choose the best one out and see how can you make everything fall within your plans.

Utilizing all the marketing techniques in a rightful manner is called a clever move, and marketing. Otherwise, someone from the competitor will take advantage and you will be standing there regretting the decision.

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